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1st Year Anniversary (1)
1st Year Anniversary (1)

GIF -- Clyde

GIF -- Clyde by DeeIsBrowsing

posted by dee-dee on Jun 04 2016 12:43 am   ||   0 comments

GIF -- Making a point

 photo anigif_zpsdezkrwbc.gif
GIF -- Making a point by DeeIsBrowsing

posted by dee-dee on May 14 2016 06:03 am   ||   0 comments

BIRDLAND featured in StArt Faire! Again!

Whether you're new to the series or want to enjoy the first few strips all over again, there's a 10 page feature in this month's issue of StArt Faire, a fabulous magazine for independent comic creators, artists and writers!

If you were directed here from the feature, then you're certainly welcome in my domain. Please browse around, and if you get into it, don't be afraid if progress starts to lag.


posted by dee-dee on May 02 2016 04:40 am   ||   0 comments

Expect less Friday strips!

As my condition grows worse and I get lazier all the time, I must sacrifice some Fridays to work properly on new BIRDLAND strips. Sorry.


posted by dee-dee on Apr 22 2016 09:04 pm   ||   0 comments

BIRDLAND ad featured in StArt Faire!

 photo birdlandad_zpsoz2s7sck.png
BIRDLAND, U.S.A. is once again back in action, and readers of StArt Faire, a fabulous magazine for artists and writers, are arriving just in time to catch up with all the goings-on around here.

If you've been directed here from StArt Faire's 2nd issue (April 2016) then please check out what I have to offer. Start from the first strip, read as much as you wish, and feel free to tell me what you think about anything about BIRDLAND. If you like what you see, come back on Mondays and Fridays for updates!

Thanks for stopping by!

posted by dee-dee on Apr 03 2016 10:55 pm   ||   0 comments

On temporary break. Again.

As if anybody cared, I'm going to take an indefinite break from doing Birdland, for I am too tired and worn out to deal with it on top of just living life.


posted by dee-dee on Mar 01 2016 02:49 am   ||   0 comments

Birdland is returning from hiatus!

More and more people I know are reading this comic, and they're really getting into it. They keep asking me, "when's the next strip?" Well, it's coming, a few of them actually. The next strip is guaranteed to come this Friday, so keep your eyes peeled!


posted by dee-dee on Feb 08 2016 07:52 am   ||   0 comments

GIF -- Hamilton

GIF -- Hamilton by DeeIsBrowsing

posted by dee-dee on Feb 06 2016 03:25 am   ||   0 comments