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Interview: Robin Lyons of Calon Animation (SuperTed, Hilltop Hospital)

As undignified as it might be to some to be a cartoonist, I am still all the while a cultured man. The fascinating thing about animation history is how deep and how far back it goes. Every day you get to learn something new, but the best things to learn about are the things that aren't very well documented. This rings especially true with almost anything that isn't American or Japanese. SuperTed, a Welsh cartoon series, is a fine example.


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Kirby Reanimated: Call for Submissions

Check out this trailer for the upcoming Kirby Reanimated project. I've worked on one of the scenes and it's right there in front. Blink and you'll miss!

If you're an animator looking for some free work to do, as I am, you should send in an application to be part of this unique project. Even if you aren't familiar with Kirby (he is perhaps the 4th best known character in the world of video gaming) and his vast universe, you'll love the story on which we all are working, because it's all about making a cartoon. It's a goldmine of quotable scenes, delivered by some of the finest non-union voice actors, and improved upon -- or downgraded, depending on your point of view -- by a team of hundreds of animators just like me and you, each with their own vision.

To join me and the others, check out this form for everything you need to know.


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Concept art: Candy Cigarettes storyboard


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Fanart Feature: animation by drawingfevv


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Concept art: January drafts


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Concept art: Quinn


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Getting around: QT featured on StArt Faire and ToughPigs

Hello all,

It's been a while since I've posted anything here, but I do want to assure you that I have been active. Apart from doodling here and there for close friends, I have been featured again on two marvelous websites.

I participated in a collaboration for the back cover of this month's StArt Faire magazine, which I have contributed to before, if you read on in the news archive. Also, a very big honor for me, being a Muppet fan since childhood and a ToughPigs reader since its early years, I was reached out to for a potential article highlighting my "Muptober" series of drawings, as well as some other odds and ends. To be featured on both of these sites is a great joy, and I hope that you all enjoy these sites just as well, even more so, than I.

As for Birdland, not much progress has been made, apart from 4 draft strips. Hopefully I will be convinced in the near future to continue. Finding motivation is tough, isn't it?

Spring is a lousy season, but I hope you all have a good one!

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Fanart Feature: DiegoStars

4) Hubert and Frank by DiegoStars on DeviantArt

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